About Us
osRiver is an enterprise security and network consulting company who specializes in security and network management, development of wireless technologies, UNIX technologies, and the integration of Open Source solutions. Our mission is to provide affordable, secure, and scalable solutions for our customers.

osRiver can help faciliate your projects using our own project-orientated methodology which incorporates several phases: information gathering, identifying software/hardware, application development, implementation, integration, and support.

osRiver has years of experience working with customers to procure and implement the following technologies: databases, proxy servers, firewalls, ecommerce, websites, email, group collaboration, VPNs, and file storage.

If you are interested in our services and would like more information about the type of work we perform, please use our contact form.

osRiver Overview
osRiver offers a wide variety of commerical and open source consulting services.
  • Information Services
  • Implementation/Integration Services
  • Application Development
  • Application Support
  • Managed Services
  • Information Security
  • Systems Infrastructure
  • Collaboration and Email
  • Database
  • eCommerce
  • Network Management
  • Remote Access
  • Storage